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We invite you to participate in our survey on "Technical Education in India: Past, Present, and Future." Technical education in India has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, navigating a journey marked by significant transformations and advancements. From its humble beginnings rooted in traditional craftsmanship and apprenticeships, India's technical education landscape has burgeoned into a complex ecosystem of institutions, curricula, and technological advancements. The past has seen the inception of pioneering initiatives, the present witnesses a dynamic interplay of academic rigor and industry relevance, while the future promises an exciting trajectory shaped by digitalization, globalization, and the urgent need for skill-driven education.

Your academic expertise and experience in the realm of technical education are invaluable to gaining a comprehensive understanding of its historical trajectory, current status, and future potential. As educators and mentors in this domain, your insights provide a crucial perspective on the challenges, advancements, and aspirations within technical education. By sharing your thoughts and observations, you contribute to shaping a more effective and responsive technical education system. Your candid responses are highly appreciated, and we thank you for being an integral part of this knowledge-gathering endeavor. This survey is anonymous, and your responses will be kept confidential

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Section-1 Demographic Information *

Section-2 Institutional Quality, Planning and Governance *

Section-3 Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy *

Section-4 Infrastructure and Facilities *

Section-5 Industry Collaboration *

Section-6 Institutional Support, Continuous Learning and Research *

Reasons to Rank:
  • a. Low market value of programs
  • b. Wrong Nomenclature of programs
  • c. High tuition fee of programs
  • d. Outdated/irrelevant curricula of programs
  • e. Inadequate infrastructure availability at institution
  • f. Shortage of qualified faculty at institution
  • g. Focus on theoretical knowledge in the curriculum
  • h. Oversaturation of graduates in a particular course results in reduced employment opportunities
  • i. Outdated/Nonrelevant programs

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Section - 8 Answer The Following Questions

8.1 In your perception, what are the areas that are going to be obsolete/less demanding in the technical education system *
8.2. In your perception, what are the upcoming/futuristic fields in the technical education system *

Section 9: Closing Section

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your insights as a faculty are crucial for understanding the technical education in India