Dear Management/Administration of Academic Institutions,

We extend our invitation to you to participate in our survey focused on "Technical Education in India: Past, Present, and Future." Technical education in India has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, navigating a journey marked by significant transformations and advancements. From its humble beginnings rooted in traditional craftsmanship and apprenticeships, India's technical education landscape has burgeoned into a complex ecosystem of institutions, curricula, and technological advancements. The past has seen the inception of pioneering initiatives, the present witnesses a dynamic interplay of academic rigor and industry relevance, while the future promises an exciting trajectory shaped by digitalization, globalization, and the urgent need for skill-driven education.

Your role as key decision-makers and strategists in academic institutions places you at the helm of shaping the educational landscape. This survey aims to gather your valuable insights and perspectives on the historical journey, current state, and anticipated future of technical education in India. By understanding your experiences and aspirations, we aspire to gain a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in technical education and work towards collaborative solutions that will benefit the educational community and, ultimately, the nation. Your expertise and candid responses are highly appreciated, and we thank you for being a vital part of this research initiative. This survey is anonymous, and your responses will be kept confidential.

Please provide the details about your institute to the best of your knowledge

Section 1: Demographic Information

1.6. Programmes Offered: Choose all that apply *

Please fill the approved intake admissions & placement details for all programmes running in your institution in tables provided below.

2.1 Approved Intake and Admissions
Sr.No. Year* Name of Programme* AICTE Approved Intake* No. of Students Admitted* Action
2.2 Higher Education and Placement
Placement Year Name of Programme/Branch/Specialization No. of Students Eligible for Placement No. of Students Placed in Industry % of Students Placed in Core Industry No. of Students Opting for Teaching as a Career No. of Students Opting for Self-employment No. of Students Opting for Higher Education Action

Reasons to Rank:

  • a. Low market value of programs
  • b. Wrong Nomenclature of programs
  • c. High tuition fee of programs
  • d. Outdated/irrelevant curricula of programs
  • e. Inadequate infrastructure availability at institution
  • f. Shortage of qualified faculty at institution
  • g. Focus on theoretical knowledge in the curriculum
  • h. Oversaturation of graduates in a particular course, resulting in reduced employment opportunities
  • i. Outdated/Nonrelevant programs

Ranked Reasons:

2.5. In your perception, what are the areas that are going to be obsolete/less demanding in the technical education system
2.6. In your perception, what are the upcoming/futuristic fields in the technical education system
2.7. How often do you or your affiliating University/Technical Board update the curriculum ?

Section 3: Institutional Quality, Planning and Governance

Section 4: Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy

Section 5: Infrastructure and Facilities

Section 6: Industry Collaboration

Section 7: Institutional Support, Continuous Learning and Research

Sevtion 8: Closing Section

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your insights as a faculty are crucial for understanding the technical education in India