Technical Education in India - Student Survey

Dear Student,

Your insights as a student pursuing technical education are vital in comprehending the landscape of technical education in India. This survey, titled "Technical Education in India: Past, Present, and Future," seeks to gather your valuable perspectives on the historical progression, current state, and potential future of technical education in our country. Your experiences and observations as a learner navigating this domain are integral in envisioning improvements and innovations that can enhance the quality and relevance of technical education. Your honest and thoughtful responses will greatly contribute to understanding the evolving dynamics and shaping a brighter future for technical education in India. Thank you for taking the time to participate and share your thoughts.

Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and the data shared by you will not be used for identification of an individual. The findings of this survey are meant for group behaviour study and shall be used to improve the quality of Technical Education in India in general.

Please provide the details about your institute to the best of your knowledge

Section 1: Demographic Information

Section 2: Institutional Quality, Planning and Governance

Section 3: Curriculum and Teaching Pedagogy

Section 4: Infrastructure and Facilities

Section 5: Industry Collaboration

Section 6: Institutional Support

Section 7: Comments and Suggestions

Section 8: Closing Section

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your insights as a student are crucial for understanding the technical education in India.